Thai Massage

I craft each session to your needs, integrating different modalities of Thai massage.

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage covers a number of different schools and modalities and contains a large variety of techniques, but generally, Thai massage seeks to restore the flow of energy in the sen (energy) lines of your body. I use my hands, elbows, feet, and knees to apply pressure or to stretch you body along these lines.  

Thai Stretching

Thai Stretching follows many of the traditional stretches of Thai massage - I move your body into various asanas (yoga poses) and help find the stretch that your body needs. As you breathe deeply, I find the edge of your flexibility and encourage a deeper stretch while respecting your body's limits. I incorporate stretches into most sessions, but can focus a session on stretching to reach your goals. 

Dynamic Thai/OsteoThai

Dynamic Thai massage blends traditional Thai massage with principles of Osteopathy. In Dynamic Thai, I focus on bringing motion back into your joints, especially your spine. It incorporates more motion than traditional Thai, including rocking, jostling, and rotation.  

Thai Abdominal Massage

The navel is the beginning and end of each sen (energy) line that runs through the body. While I include some light belly work in most sessions, I sometimes focus whole sessions on the abdomen. This allows me to work deep hip flexors such as the psoas, release tension in the diaphragm for easier breathing, or help improve digestion.

Partner Thai Classes

Learn Thai massage to use with your partner, family, or friends at home.

Private Classes

In private classes I teach you and your partner, family member, or friend Thai massage techniques you can use on each other. I tailor these classes to you, teaching techniques that are most relevant to your needs, and may cover everything you need in a single session or in a series of classes. You may record the class for future reference. 

Group Classes

In group classes I teach a massage sequence to you and a partner in a group setting. These classes will give you the tools and knowledge for a short but well-rounded Thai massage. You may record the class for future reference.