Therapy, Counseling, and Mental Health Coaching

I believe that bodywork can help with many mental health issues, but directly addressing mental health is out of my scope of practice. Additionally, I have found that some of my own muscular tension couldn't be released by bodywork, and was only improved with counseling. I believe that the more we can strengthen our mind-body connection, the more integrated and present we will feel. These are some of my favorite therapists and groups in Knoxville that I trust and recommend.

West Knoxville and telehealth / rates vary / some insurance accepted

Lisa Jones and her team specialize in treating individuals, couples and families, and offer comprehensive services dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues, and trauma.

Downtown/North Knoxville and telehealth / $75

Cassie McCarty-Green offers professional mental health and relationship coaching for LGBTQ+ folks, adult ADHD, trauma/religious trauma-related issues, life coaching/career guidance, and works with poly & non-monogamous folks. She offers this service locally and via video chat worldwide.

West Knoxville and telehealth / $60-100 / insurance accepted

Ashlee Hyatt works with clients to overcome anxiety, depression, mood swings, low self-esteem, anger management, phase of life issues, past trauma (physical, sexual, emotional), stress management, disability/loss, and grief. In addition to her trauma treatment education, she is also EMDR-trained and has had success using EMDR with individuals who have complex trauma. She believes in specializing the treatment to the person for the best results.

Exercise and Health

While I can help to manage many forms of pain, I have found that often people do best with more than one approach. A physical therapist, personal trainer, or private yoga lessons can a different or more specialized approach to pain and injuries.

Old North Knoxville

Sarah is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, as well as a certified yoga teacher, health coach, and licensed massage therapist.

Based on your needs and goals, Sarah will incorporate multiple modalities and therapies with the intent to treat the whole body, resolve joint and neuromuscular dysfunction, improve movement patterns, address need for lifestyle modifications, and ultimately empower you in your healthcare!

South Knoxville/West Knoxville

PhysioLab offers physical therapy, personal training, and sports-focused yoga classes

Old North Knoxville

Amberly offers private yoga sessions, group yoga classes, and holistic mental health coaching. She is pursuing her 500-hour training through the American Viniyoga Institute, with hopes of becoming a certified yoga therapist. Her practice and instruction is breath-focused and trauma informed.

Old North Knoxville

Jennifer offers private yoga sessions and group yoga classes. She focuses on core strength and extensively uses the ropes wall, yoga wheel, and other props.